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Zargon is the evil villain of the boardgame HeroQuest by Milton Bradley.
Zargon, the Evil Sorcerer, controlls all monster movements.
by Pogo March 02, 2005
Zargon is the argot of Vagabonds in Neil Stephenson's Quicksilver
"Vagabond-actors performed a comedy in zargon..."
by TonyG December 28, 2003
The generic name for any planet of aliens in any sort of fictional universe.
Where the fuck are you from? Zargon?
by darthbob100 April 08, 2009
An apocryphal alien race from the television series, Stargate SG-1. Used to ridicule people who religiously follow the show or any other science fiction shows of that nature.

Specifically used in reference towards physics and math university students who religiously follow the show.
Damn it Grahame, the Zargons are the supreme alien race and can obliterate seven Optimus Primes ass....they are sooo much cooler than the Klingons.
by Sam Lavoie July 25, 2007
Zargon is a way to adress the world coolest person, or the runner up. If you want to get a date, start the conversation with Zargon.
Hey Homefrog, your the Zargon!
by Homefrog October 29, 2003

1) A vegan, a fithy, filthy vegan

2) A mohawk wearing hippie

3) Someone so obsessed with social causes he doesn't realize his best friend stole his girl.
You see that hottie? I'm gonna make a Zargon out of her boyfriend tonight.
by Horatio McCallister July 30, 2004
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