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tired, exhausted, worn-out, weary, bushed, drained
Man I'm zapped from the game
by Harry Houdini October 25, 2007
39 12
to be in a situation of great misfortune
Gabe: "I got AIDS man..."
Jake: " have been ZAPPED!"
by PJake January 04, 2004
23 13
1. exhausted

2. alcohol or drug intoxicated

3. killed(usually said of a character in a video game)
Damn, he just got zapped.
by Light Joker April 01, 2005
12 3
When a being is under the influence of a drug called Dextromethorphan (Dextromethorphan HBr), which is found in cough suppressents such as RoboTussin and is also a rising street drug.
She is zapped out of her mind!
by Christopher T. Sawyer II January 24, 2005
19 10
to be tricked or fooled or told something that dissapoints you
your boss just informed you of having to work late knowing that you had plans. Dude, " you've been zapped"!
by JB & Donny September 27, 2007
8 2
Shocked beyond words.
I was zapped at his arrogance.
by Tara February 24, 2004
7 5
when something extremely shitty/gay happens; when you are in a bad situation
"Man that chick was a dude, it was soo zapped!"
by rustygal August 17, 2010
3 3