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A zanpaktou¨­ (”ØÆǵ¶, zanpakut¨­? lit. soul-cutting sword) is a fictional type of weapon in the Bleach series wielded by those with shinigami powers. The art of using a zanpakut¨­ is called zanjutsu (swordsmanship).

itchigo's Zanpaktou is called Zangetsu
by Dillan June 12, 2007
A very large sword with mystical powers from Japanese mythology.
The "Buster Sword" from the videogame "Final Fantasy XII" and the "Tetsaiga" from the manga series "Inuyasha" have been based on the zanpaktou.

The manga series "Bleach" have also made the zanpaktou an important part of its storyline, with several characters using their own. These zanpaktou differ in size and can be as small as a knife.
by poopguy July 26, 2009
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