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Zalmar is the name originating from the early 1900's from the Philippines and meant "The Big Kahuna." Originally this name was just idea, but was rejected. In sometime around 1999 this name was put to use and now means, "The one with the large penis." Zalmar is also known to be a fairly rare name. So if you know one you must worship him/her. People with the name "Zalmar" are usually fairly charming and can easily seduce you by just looking into your soul. "Zalmar's" are also generally wise and are commonly known to hold high spots in authority.
Stranger: Hi there what's your name?
Stranger 2: Its Zalmar
Stranger: OMG *squeal*
Stranger 2: *Looks into soul*
Stranger: THANK YOU! *Falls to ground* *Faints*
by TheChosenJuan December 16, 2013

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