a mega hot arabian chick
dude1:do you see that mega hot chick over there?
dude2:yeah, her name is Zainab!
by anonymous55555556666666222222 December 24, 2011
Top Definition
It means 'a fragrant flowering plant', 'Desert Flower' or 'an ornamented tree'. It is believed that individuals with this name have the ability to love creatures that sting.
"Wow Zainab is always caring for that dumb boy."
by MHZK December 09, 2009
zainab is an arabic name, implying that the girl is respectful and beautiful.
a perfect example of this is zainab the girl.
by Anonymous April 22, 2006
A girl who everyone either loves (respectful and beautiful) or hates (PMSing). Usually falls for and guys who are overall "hot".
Girl: What's wrong with Teri?
Guy: Oh people think that her name is Zainab.
Girl: Oh she's getting some tonight! *stares at "Teri" with envy*
by Mr.Fuckadeefuck January 31, 2008
It is derived from the Arabic root word, Zeenah, which means, 'Precious Jewel'. It is also the name of the Prophet Muhammad's Daughter.
She is such a Zainab (Precious Jewel) to me.
by Zainub December 18, 2014
A girl who always believes in making lighter of situation . A hijabi pure muslimah always striving for the better in religion and world . They all love her for her smile , merriness and beauty . People follow her on instagram known as itszainab1245 . A wattpad writer and reader , creating islamic books just for you to read . People call her the one and only . wattpad reader of her novel quotes '' you are an epic follower/wattpader/muslimah/hijabi/person/creation but most of all helper/guider basically you are the best no matter what kay ?
by muslimah_1432 September 08, 2013
A Arabian name that is usually given to beautiful, smart, and funny people. Girls who's names are Zainab are usually great at sex and live for fun. Having sex with a girl whose name is Zainab usually mean you are having the best night of your life.
"Damn it! Nick is dating Zainab! Now I'll never be able to have a real fuck!"
by Hitlersnipples83 July 23, 2013
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