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1.A person of homosexual origin. Zaccs usually live off of Unemployment checks and routinely pleasure themselves while watching Lifetime Movies.
2.A Zacc is Often accused of stealing kills in Call of Duty.
3.A Zacc is a person that loves big, shweaty weiners
4. (See Chode, Chud, or Homo, for further definition)
1. Friend 1: Hey dude, wut up. wut u watchin?
Friend 2: oh shit, wuts up guy, i didnt think u were comin over this fast.
Friend 1: yikes, is there a reason why you're watchin the Lifetime channel dude?
Friend 2: .......
Friend 1: what do i do friend is officially a Zacc...

2. Chris: Wow Anthony! that was my fucking kill!
Anthony:uh,uh, i didnt know dude, im a queer.
Chris:God ur such a Fucking Zacc, dude...

3. Chris: woah dude, wtf are you doing???
Friend: holy shit dude, get outa my room!!!
Chris: ooh, damn. Thats why everybody said ur nickname was Zacc...
by Boprey January 24, 2009
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He is the coolest person ever! He will satisfy your needs and is always there for you. He's sexy, careing, naughty, sweet. and at the same time he can be an ass just enough to make you smile and not piss you off.
by Lil AK 47 Vert December 23, 2016
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