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An adjective and an expression to describe something that is very good, powerful, delicious or sexy or an exclamation denoting extreme pleasure of the highest quality.
This burger is very z00t!

z00t! I got lotz of shinyz!
by Jul June 18, 2004
like w00t, but with more power and glee.
z00t omg! can i hav sum fish 2?
by tup July 17, 2004
the same meaning as w00t.. except it is more powerful.
z00t! i just owzored j00!
by Kurt Olding November 02, 2003
used to describe the buzzing noise that people make when they cough, sneeze, and choke at the same time
Oh my goodness! Did you hear that z00t!?
by Knasty Kace February 02, 2009
Add suit to zoot and you have Zoot Suit or Zoot Suiter. A Mexican or other nationality who wears old 1940s style pin stripe suits, usually with baggy pants with "pegged" legs and suit jackets with wide shoulders and wide brim hats. May be a gang member or dancer who hangs with other zoot suiters.
"I got beat up by a gang of z00t suiters last night at the disco"!
by Dex13 October 05, 2006
An exclamation of pure joy.
Then I was all like "z00t!" and she was all like "Shut up!"
by Temjerk June 04, 2004
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