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To sleep. I'm not sure of how many ways to use it though.
If you were sleeping you wouldn't be "z'ing."
The only way I know how, or have heard anyone use it is in the example.
Slang: I'm going to cop me some z's
Translation: I'm going to get some sleep
by JGuzmannn November 24, 2006
When a young (Usually black male) sells Ounces of Cocaine in a Reanault Clio in North london
I told him i only sell Z's
by SkinnyT.ft.BigSmoke September 07, 2016
To put "Zs" on somebody means to knock them out or beat them in a fight by putting them to sleep.
Liam Neeson "If you don't return my daughter Ima put them Zs on you son."

Human Trafficker "Good luck."
by Zanco June 09, 2016
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