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means"your welcome very much." sam taught me this word. he is like the coolest ever.
RiversideProphet: woooo
Sweetblondie1590: NO ITS MK
Sweetblondie1590: awwww
Sweetblondie1590: u said woooo
RiversideProphet: ahahahahaha
Sweetblondie1590: i wanna hear u say that
Sweetblondie1590: again
Sweetblondie1590: i love it
RiversideProphet: I love ANYTHING you say with that accent.
Sweetblondie1590: hehe thank u very much
RiversideProphet: ywvm
Sweetblondie1590: its sorry i just cant help that
Sweetblondie1590: wut is that
RiversideProphet: I know you cant.
Sweetblondie1590: ywvm?
RiversideProphet: your welcome very much
Sweetblondie1590: oOo
Sweetblondie1590: yay i just learnt another thing
by laura January 05, 2005
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