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Acronym for Young Wild Niggas, a violent Vice Lord-like street gang originating in Charleston, Missouri and responsible for most the crime committed in the region
Those guys with the YWN tattoo are real young wild niggas.
by MODOC December 31, 2014
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Equivalent to "pwn," but much more l33t. The term "pwn" was originally a typo for "own" (p is next to o on the keyboard); "ywn" is a repetition of that same typo, but using a Dvorak keyboard (y is next to p in you are typing with a Dvorak keyboard layout). Dvorak is much more l33t than Qwerty -- hence "ywn" is more l33t than "pwn."
A: Duuuude you just got YWNED
B: um.... u mean pwnd?
A: lol dumb qwerty noob
by l33texpert October 16, 2009

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