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Definition- a man of great dignity,usually found wearing a rolex and serves his purpose as one of the greatest men alive.

yusuf is the biggest boss that u've seen thus far
by shoulder face May 10, 2008
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the epitomy of swag, idolised and usually found in the freshest clothes ie air maxs, louis belt, true religion jeans and a ralph. He is the biggest boss thus far!he is also steaming hot and adored by female everywhere
jay:that boy got swag
tyrone: damn course he does, he yusuf
by OXOVO January 28, 2013
the coolest guy alive, loved by all girls and a sexy asian guy,hottest guy alive with a massive d
damn you see yusuf, he's fresh bruv
by samuelpepers January 28, 2013
If in class you see a Yusuf you must be sweating because he is so flaming. If you are a Yusuf you are 100% fruitcake and bananna is your main ingredient. If you are a Yusuf you also never do any work, thus meaning you must be the catcher.
If you see Yusuf sitting over by the window with Perez Hilton don't get to close, you might melt.
by class2b December 26, 2010

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