It means when you grab and twist someone's nipple.
I gave John a quick yurple before running into the class.
by phuckit May 24, 2006
Top Definition
it comes from oakland,ca (tha town) it means weed marajuana
a cuz u got some yurple
by rashad March 11, 2005
An unpopuar slang term used for cough syrup when drank for recreational use, as opposed to medicinally. A synonym for sizzurp.
I was tipping so hard off yurple last Tuesday I developed a permenant vocal disability and regressed back to the mental capacity of a small cluster of cells inside a womb.
by Lana Levi April 05, 2006
A combination of the colours yellow and purple.
Girl: *Burp* Blue
Guy: Yurple
Girl: That's not a colour
Guy: It is. It's a combination of the colours yellow and purple.
by Jookie Monster April 26, 2009
Anything un-natural or abnornmal growing off of a person's face, normally around the lip area.
"Yo, what's that on your lip, is that a herpe?"
"Is it a cold-sore or a fever-blister?"
"Well, I guess you got a friggin' Yurple!"

Man, don't mess with that chick, she had a yurple last week!
by TRIKLZ w/ PBPIMP May 28, 2009
Means to talk crap. Senseless blabbering. Also is the only word in the English dictionary that rhymes with purple....check it out!
'For god sakes, stop Yurpling'. 'See Hugh T' for a human definition.
by Lurleen July 05, 2005
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