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Means to talk crap. Senseless blabbering. Also is the only word in the English dictionary that rhymes with purple....check it out!
'For god sakes, stop Yurpling'. 'See Hugh T' for a human definition.
by Lurleen July 05, 2005
it comes from oakland,ca (tha town) it means weed marajuana
a cuz u got some yurple
by rashad March 11, 2005
An unpopuar slang term used for cough syrup when drank for recreational use, as opposed to medicinally. A synonym for sizzurp.
I was tipping so hard off yurple last Tuesday I developed a permenant vocal disability and regressed back to the mental capacity of a small cluster of cells inside a womb.
by Lana Levi April 05, 2006
A combination of the colours yellow and purple.
Girl: *Burp* Blue
Guy: Yurple
Girl: That's not a colour
Guy: It is. It's a combination of the colours yellow and purple.
by Jookie Monster April 26, 2009
Anything un-natural or abnornmal growing off of a person's face, normally around the lip area.
"Yo, what's that on your lip, is that a herpe?"
"Is it a cold-sore or a fever-blister?"
"Well, I guess you got a friggin' Yurple!"

Man, don't mess with that chick, she had a yurple last week!
by TRIKLZ w/ PBPIMP May 28, 2009
It means when you grab and twist someone's nipple.
I gave John a quick yurple before running into the class.
by phuckit May 24, 2006