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a combination of the words You and heard.

usually used in exclamation or to agree.

can also be used to substitute the the use of the term "word" or "werd" .
dude: I love that band!

other dude: YURD! me too brah!
by yeahitsmelimlame June 08, 2009
Yurd me, phrase that lets you know I am finished with my sentence.
Yo at 6:45 we are smooth out, yurd me!
by Yurd me August 23, 2013
A dummy who you can easily call and dumb out
1. She a yurd shorty. she gave me the chew after i booked her down the alameda
by oe14 December 12, 2007
words that only hillbilly grandmas with no teeth and no showering capabilities would say.
"y'all comin now fer some supp ya hear folks".
by Er from ER May 29, 2005
an 4 legged, winged, fictional, animal from the jungles of zimbabwe.
The yurd galloped through the jungle of zimbabwe
by Mollywhopper April 29, 2007
a yucky turd aka NS, sexual predator!
That guy over there is such a YURD!
by jkpizzle March 09, 2007
I was chatting to a friend the other day, and I accidentally spilled a bit of Coke on my keyboard, and instead of typing 'yes' to him, (I was answering a question) I accidentally typed 'yurd@'. I was not thinking of the keys I was pressing, thus, 'yurd' came out.
It is a word that defines when something goes wrong. You say yurd!!!
I just killed someone today. YURD!!!!!!!11
I just spilled Coke on my keyboard! YURD!
by bratchny April 15, 2004

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