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A combination of yuppie and uppity. An adjective describing a person in the upper-middle to upper socioeconomic class (usually a yuppie), who acts as if they are above everyone else. Symptoms include snootiness, haughtiness, and generally distasteful treatment of the people around them.
That yuppity bitch thinks she can cut in line just because she's carrying a Coach handbag and wearing a Dior suit.
by saram July 09, 2004
33 8
The act of saying yes but in a more jolly way than just a plain yes. Yuppity is saying you truly promise and cannot be a lie. Saying yuppity is always promising something happy and never sad.
by Dumbledore'sArmy November 28, 2010
3 3
The drying of a woman's vagina after one orgasm, making it difficult for her male partner to properly climax.
I was doing her doggie style and she came real hard, but then her pussy got all yuppity so I had her just blow me to get my rocks off.
by Frank Stoosh January 11, 2011
2 4