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The term used when calling or referring a Young female. Stemming From "Chicken" or "Chicken Head", Yun Yin comes from the word Onion.
A small bird like female commonly missatken for a chicken head.
Usually, slobbish, dirty and smelly.
Stained clothes, hair or Body.
Worse than a typical Hood rat.
"Yo Son, I went downtown, And there were Madd Yun Yins out thurr."
"Yo, I was feeling this Yun Yin I met today."
by B Boy 0N3R May 27, 2008
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yun-yin meanin a pocket full of money
say dawg i got a yun-yin
by denise November 20, 2003
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The lowest of the low to call someone.

it describes someone who:

-stalks people
-lurks all their ongoing interweb activities
-pretends to be have friends
-says emo is nonexistant, despite their screen names which often include "i heart emo boys"
-likes to make livejournal accounts about people.
-likes to diss those people to make him/her self feel better about her/him self and their fugness.
-also loses at life
-tells others they lose at life
-is just plain sad

omgz, that bitch is stalking me again! Bet her name is Yun Yin!
by JKSK November 04, 2006
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