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A very cheap chinese electronic component typically of low quality.
Dammit this cheap ass yumcha power supply just blew up on me! This is the second one in a week!

I'm broke, guess I'll have to pick up some yumcha speakers from the dollar store.
by ilikeyumcha May 16, 2011
Yumcha is a chinses resturant OR a name someone calls you when they want to eat you. It is a cute name you call someone you love dearly.
Nicole: "Roy Baybeee i love you, you yumcha!"
Nicole:"Im going to eat u :)"
Roy: "LOL"
by Nikkyc June 03, 2009
Generic product. Often used in the electronics field for no-brand Made-in-China gadgets and hardware.
"I got myself one of those yum cha iPod Nano clones."
by Fallingwater April 02, 2007