Top Definition
when something looks tasty a mixture of yummy and licious
mm that looks yumalicious
by squeezemetim April 12, 2007
(adj) - a combination of delicious and yummy as especially tasty and tantalizing; the gayest word ever
Starbright: I'm making sweet corn casserole for I don't know why, but it is yumalicious for sure!

jP: Yumalicious? That is uber gay. But the corn casserole sounds awesome.

Starbright: I will make you some when I visit.

jP: Yumalicious!
by Peter Aguilera October 24, 2007
being of yummyness
haveing a great a**
random word dyamond says
she was very yumalicious
you have a yumalicious body
by bob875431879- February 11, 2008
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