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The name given to the perennial Christmas cretin who, much to your shivering dismay, persists in overbearing, glib and frequently forceful Christmas related antics, throughout the whole of December. They are usually to be found in the workplace, probably nearest to the radio which will be blaring Yuletardenous songs of redundant festive delight, whilst they don their sparkly fucking reindeer antlers and gibber about how fucking lovely it all is.
Meanwhile an insignificant and tremendously vapid war of who can send their Christmas cards around the office first wages. Yuletards!
A few common examples of the behaviour of a yuletard (of which there are MANY, go on, I bet you know lots too):-
Turning the radio up at work when a Christmas song comes on; enjoying it; making reference to it; wearing fucking ironic Christmas headwear about it; displaying every fucking Christmas light you've ever seen outside their house which, unbeknownst to them, only really serves to advertise to potential burglars that 'hey, if we've got money to throw away on shitty Christmas lights and huge santas, imagine what presents you could steal'; discussing in minute detail every trail and fucking tribulation of their cretinous Christmas shopping expedition, right down to where they had their dinner; turning up for work in their woefully embarassing santa's little helper outift; banging on and fucking on and on and on about every little thing they are going to do, see, eat, wear, watch, drink, say over Christmas, thus sucking any possible pleasure to be had out of the occasion for them and every poor sod in earshot, including me, hence this.
by vapidleopard December 18, 2009
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