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ice apparition (demon) in the show yu yu hakusho known as hiei's sister.
yukina first appears in episode #22 "Lamenating Beauty" tape/dvd titled: "Rescue Yukina"
by rachel m January 25, 2004
A pretty girl from the anime/ manga Yu Yu Hakusho with blue hair and a blue kimono. She is Hieis half sister.
Yukina is in love with Kuwabara
by SweetBishoujo December 15, 2004
A fat, fluffy, marshmallow of a cat. Affectionate in weird ways.
When trying to be petted she always seems to find a way to be out of reach.
Can also be loud and demanding when it comes to food; especially treats.
Yukina: *rolls on to back*

Me: "Awww, look it's a fuzzy marshmallow!"
by Sanguiferous September 01, 2010

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