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a word with no meaning
you yug
go yug your self
by an asshole September 17, 2003
Young. Urban. Gay.

The demographic every marketer wants to appeal to in 2015.
"We've got to appeal to the Y.U.G.s with our new bifocal range, they're our core market!"
by steve825 January 06, 2015
to rapidly drink any beverage, most commonly beer. Can be used to describe the chugging of a single beer or the act of binge drinking all night.
Example 1: Wow, Dan just yugged that whole beer in 4 seconds.

Example 2: I have no work to do tonight so i think im just gonna yug.
by thebigneon March 02, 2007
The catch phrase of the elite ghetto-prep girl gang - Blazin' Bluz.
Spin it Backwards - Yug Yug Yug! Fuzzie Bunnies!
by Anisha-Rockelle December 05, 2003
seriously gross. I dedicate this word to Kate Yelvington and her strange taste in ice cream. It began as only a simple typo, but from it, a new word was born.
peanut butter n' chocolate ice cream is yug!
by Joel Van Sloten September 22, 2004
a wanna be thug sporting the bling bling that parents trust account bought.
"yo look at that yug sporting the ice momma bought him"
by andi September 09, 2003

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