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1. To be consumed with lust for, or facinated by all things anal.

2. The state of facination with the insertion of objects into the rectal cavity for sexual gratification.

3. The state of sexual arousal from the probing of the rectal area, both administering and receiveing.
John is yrodable. He really likes prostate exams.
by Sligg May 31, 2004
One who enjoys fisting.
Last night Yrodable fisted Mally for 8 straight hours before finally tiring out and falling asleep
by weeeeeeee! June 02, 2004
A little blue creature that enjoys fisting and being fisted.
Mandelleva was just killed by Yrodable!
by Mandy^ June 16, 2004
an adult who is sexually attracted to Miette
Toeman is such a yrodable!
by Mary June 02, 2004