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The ultimate insult of ones mother... It is played carefully into a trap, also used as an anti-dis to the persons you are speaking to. Your mom can be used in such ways listed as examples in Italics.

Almost any string of sentance can relate to a "Your mom" based statement, or insult.
Knock, knock, Whos there? Your mom

And now for the grand finale! Your moms a grand finale...

Guess what? What? YOUR MOM!

Whats the difference between pig shit and an antelope? I dont know... what? Your mom

Who's that hot looking chick over there? Your mom

Guy over there: ?
Some Kid: YOUR MOM!
Guy over there: My mom? MY MOM!?!?!? NO SON, YOUR MOM!!!!!!!

by Ghesh August 02, 2006
14 9
the drunk alcoholic chick I banged last night.
Guy one: "Duddddde I banged some hot chick last night, wanna see"


Guy one: "Your mom?" "She was sweet and drunk."
by D: wtf May 14, 2010
5 1
Your mom is a large overweight woman in her mid to late fifties. She often can be found in a prone position or on her knees, performing sexual favors for her childrens friends. Her vaginal cavity is often quite wide and in some cases filled with bats or spider's webs. A very permiscuous woman, she is often the target of many comical antidotes and other insults.
Your Mom is a fat slut man did you know that.
by jriver15 May 23, 2008
9 5
A cowards way of admitting defeat in an argument.
Guy: Admit defeat already!
Troll: Your mom.
by gateboy6 June 11, 2013
3 0
a good comeback people use when they got nothin better to say
-what the hell did you just do?! ''your mom''

-i got and A on the test, what did you get? "your mom".
by beachbum303 November 24, 2010
4 1
the hottest chick in the world and a great response to any question or comment... EVER
Guy 1: "That jell-o was fucking awesome"

Guy 2: "Your mom's fucking awesome"
by NAAAAAAAME March 24, 2010
4 1
A really lame insult, that if used correctly, can be hilarious. Other wise, it is just stupid.
Good Example:
Person 1: Hey Joe, did you hear we are doing your mom in English?
Person 2: Leave my mom out of this, and I'll leave this (points to dick) out of your mom

Bad Example:
Person 1: Hey Joe, can you get me a coke?
Person 2: Your mom
by they see me rollin March 21, 2009
5 2