A cowards way of admitting defeat in an argument.
Guy: Admit defeat already!
Troll: Your mom.
by gateboy6 June 11, 2013
the drunk alcoholic chick I banged last night.
Guy one: "Duddddde I banged some hot chick last night, wanna see"


Guy one: "Your mom?" "She was sweet and drunk."
by D: wtf May 14, 2010
Your mom is a large overweight woman in her mid to late fifties. She often can be found in a prone position or on her knees, performing sexual favors for her childrens friends. Her vaginal cavity is often quite wide and in some cases filled with bats or spider's webs. A very permiscuous woman, she is often the target of many comical antidotes and other insults.
Your Mom is a fat slut man did you know that.
by jriver15 May 23, 2008
the lady that was on my balls last night
your mom fucked me
noo way
'his mom comes in
ready for round 2
by 8-bit guy April 21, 2011
a good comeback people use when they got nothin better to say
-what the hell did you just do?! ''your mom''

-i got and A on the test, what did you get? "your mom".
by beachbum303 November 24, 2010
the hottest chick in the world and a great response to any question or comment... EVER
Guy 1: "That jell-o was fucking awesome"

Guy 2: "Your mom's fucking awesome"
by NAAAAAAAME March 24, 2010
A really lame insult, that if used correctly, can be hilarious. Other wise, it is just stupid.
Good Example:
Person 1: Hey Joe, did you hear we are doing your mom in English?
Person 2: Leave my mom out of this, and I'll leave this (points to dick) out of your mom

Bad Example:
Person 1: Hey Joe, can you get me a coke?
Person 2: Your mom
by they see me rollin March 21, 2009

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