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1. phrase used to let an individual know that they are lying in the extreme and you have an overwhelming sense that they are, in fact, telling a lie or keeping secrets

2. powerful phrase used to intimidate small house pets that tend to defecate and/or urinate freely all over the place or have very potent smelling feces and/or urine; can also be used to intimidate people of low character
1. example-

*Gerrick walks outside*

William: "Do you smell that?"

Gerrick: "Uh... I thought I just had to fart... and I..." :'(

William: "I knew it! I could smell your shit a mile away.
Your shit stinks, fool!"

Gerrick: "I need to go change." :'(

William: "Your shit tells all, so you're right, plus you're older than me. So suck on it!"
"And how dare you step foot on this porch guns hot!"

2. example-

Bobby: Babygirl? Was that you who did this?

Babygirl: *tucks tail in between legs*

Bobby: Your shit stinks! but I ain't pickin' it up...

Babygirl: *runs off*

overly-confident/delusional musician: "I'm tha SHIT!"

honest individual: "Your SHIT stinks, with shit referring to your music and your overall character!"
by TrillWill March 07, 2012
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