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The heady way to say "fuck you."
"Not to be a dick, bro.... but that girl u ended back home with last night was even fatter than we thought."

"'Your couch."

Note: This term of art hasn't hit the market full-force yet, so you may run into considerable bewilderment upon first use... either way, drop it like its hot.
by imtheantelope July 10, 2008
most commonly reserved for friends or siblings who are bound to fail at life and they know it.
Josh: Sweet I won the lotto!

Sam: Your couch!

Greg: FML
by hahaFtwnow September 11, 2009
Nigga fuck it.
Jill: Hey Susan! What's up?

Susan: Nigga fuck your couch.
by Mister Fahrenheit February 02, 2009

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