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The heady way to say "fuck you."
"Not to be a dick, bro.... but that girl u ended back home with last night was even fatter than we thought."

"'Your couch."

Note: This term of art hasn't hit the market full-force yet, so you may run into considerable bewilderment upon first use... either way, drop it like its hot.
by imtheantelope July 10, 2008
10 1
most commonly reserved for friends or siblings who are bound to fail at life and they know it.
Josh: Sweet I won the lotto!

Sam: Your couch!

Greg: FML
by hahaFtwnow September 11, 2009
1 1
Nigga fuck it.
Jill: Hey Susan! What's up?

Susan: Nigga fuck your couch.
by Mister Fahrenheit February 02, 2009
3 3