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is a person

1) whose most frequent expression resembles -_-

2) who has sweaty palms

3) who did quit smoking
ex. such a youngmin face -_-

ex. if you were a youngmin, you would have no problem counting $$$

ex. be a youngmin!!! you can quit smoking!!!!
by Jule December 21, 2004
Forbidden being. If you happen to see this guy, you should take picture of him and frame it. So that you could show your grandchildren that you saw the forbidden one.
50 years later - My sons and grandchildres. This is the picture of forbidden one.
by youngman March 01, 2003
1. person who makes a claim to quit smoking, but never actually do so.

2. smoking a ciggarrete in a vehicle with windows open, and heater at max.

"Stop youngmining man or you're gonna have to pay for the fucking gas"

"He's such a youngmin, he'll never quit smoking"
by keem March 01, 2003
Derived from Yao Ming, this is a funny korean kid w/ glasses. When asked his real korean name, this was the first thing that came to his mind. When his glasses are on, he is Sammy Song, but when they come off he transforms into Young Min.
Sam: Sup Brandon?
Brandon: YOUNG MIN!
by Cerasi March 04, 2004
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