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1. person who makes a claim to quit smoking, but never actually do so.

2. smoking a ciggarrete in a vehicle with windows open, and heater at max.

"Stop youngmining man or you're gonna have to pay for the fucking gas"

"He's such a youngmin, he'll never quit smoking"
by keem March 01, 2003
loves to get ass fucked by keem
Will you Swiatched my asshole please?
by Keem September 26, 2003
1. Person with visual artistic talent who also farts alot.

2. a speech impadiment that causes patient to blurt out "nice" or "aheheh" randomly.

"I heard Piccaso was a choongwon, correct?", "No he just liked beans"

"Ma'am this will help johnny with choongwon condition, it will significantly reduce choongwon, but can cause frequent farting, so try avoiding public places."
by keem March 01, 2003
The action of drinking red gatorade, brushing your teeth and then spitting in a batch of snowballs, throwing the snowballs at old people and kids with terminal illnesses and blaming it on Swiatched, then laughing as old people wordSwiatchedword Swiatched and kids with terminal illnesses wordSouledge2021word Swiatched.
Wow, I think Im gonna LastPoet for REAL today.
by Keem October 19, 2003
A flat chested female with gigantic ass

A guy who likes girls with names like "Moesha, Ronda, Shaniqua"
"Yo Jack look at that kangjin chick 2 o'clock.", "Thats my mama foo!"
by keem March 02, 2003

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