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when you are simply the "mini me" of someone. you don't have to look like them or even act like them but if you are someones younga, yunga or younger then you would help them and do stuuf for them and they would protect you.
Blaze:yo my younga wat's up
Yunga Blaze: yo blaze ma olda
Blaze:yeah man your my yunga
by Ozzy_C March 16, 2006

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child friend helper mini-me sibling
Sum 1 dat you are safe wid and care about . Dat is younger den you. Or one of your siblings dat is younger dat you.
Also know as "younger"
ken" dat bwoy iz pissing me off"
steve" low him, he's my younga"
ken" skeen ill low it den"
by Nasa February 21, 2005