A contraction of "you are" that a painfully large group of dumbasses mistake for "your".
Guy 1: Your a total idiot!

Guy 2: It's "You're", dumbfuck.

Guy 1: no it's not! It's clearly spelled "your"! idiot!

Guy 2: Your irony is delicious!
by Mister Cookie September 20, 2012
A word illiterates like to use with an insult or otherwise wrong method.
<C>Your coming with me to the cinema tonight?

<XjayD> Do I own a "coming with me?" In fact, I do. That's my dog's name. Coming with me, to the cinema! On the double!
by gary August 04, 2004
1) used interchangeably to mean either "your" or "you're" by illiterate cretins who can't tell the difference between the two
2) used to mean "you're" by people too lazy to hit the apostrophe key; slightly less reprehensible than the above
1) "youre such a stupid youre stupid falls out of youre stupid." "Ah, the irony."
2) "youre still here right?" "Yes, my apathy-stricken acquaintance."
by anon June 30, 2004
A word that can turn anything anyone says to you into an insult or comeback. However, this is one of the lamest comeback techniques ever.
Normal person: That girl's hair is so ugly
Lame-ass: You're so ugly

Normal person: I love this song!
Lame-ass: You're a song

Normal person: What's the math homework?
Lame-ass: You're the math homework.

Normal person: His father is a bus driver
Lame-ass: You're a bus driver
by dtfchick77 September 28, 2010

HERE and NOW at this moment in time reading this word as an abreviation of two words NOT another word called your,

as in it is "your idea" or "your fault" or "your property was taken."
Are you aware of this difference?
You are IS NOT your. IT IS "You're" ' this takes the letter and space.
Be lazy and say "ur" or "ure" instead. thank you.

The presence of you, is now.

I am too, so is she and he also they are.


Re: Melt
which really means a studious whimpy nerd with no street smarts.
YOU'RE not wrong about that
UR gonna see da show tonite innit- I'm paying loike..
URE sure u can handle the txting nan
by A_YoURmelt1969_Z November 13, 2011
A word most people on the Internet cannot spell
Person 1: Your full of shit!
Person 2: Your grammar is shit!

Person 1: Your such an asshole!
Person 2: You're not worth my time.
by Restoring for over five years February 19, 2015
"You are"

This word is mostly known for being misspelled by the majority of the internet. However, as this misspelling became a common phenomenon, internet users began to misspell this word on purpose.

It's mostly misspelled knowingly on certain websites (e.g. image boards or subforums) created solely for shitposting.
Misspelling example:
Youtube user: your very good at singing and i like you're hair

Shitposting example:
User1: Your post is a great example of shitposting
User2: You're*

Shitposting example 2:
User1: fite me irl faget
User2: ill wrekk you're face m8
by Faggot47 August 10, 2013
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