A pretty fun effing way to talk back to one's mother, no matter what she says. Use with discretion.
Mother: "Are you comfortable enough, sweety?"
Unbelievably rebellious teenager: "Are YOU comfortable enough?!"

Mother: "He's the devil."
Teen: "YOU'RE the devil!"

Mother: "I went shopping."
Incredible Edible Rebel: "YOU went shopping!!!"
by ppcrn April 06, 2005
Top Definition
A surefire method to make a joke out of nothing, by taking the last thing someone says to you and prefacing it with "you're a". Best if done repeatedly amongst like-minded folk over a long, long, long period of time.
"I'm going out tonight, but it's just a work thing."
"You're a work thing."

"That guy who comes coming into my cubicle is barking mad."
"You're a barking mad."
by Mr Yoorra June 21, 2007
Can be used as a pay out or come back.
You are a....
PErson 1: Sing to the taxi man and he will give you a cheap fare.
Person 2: You're a cheap fare
by PNCC September 10, 2009
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