Equates to: "You really don't know but I wish you did."
"What exactly did you do last night?"
"Oh, we went up to that place uptown, you know?"
"You know, that place with the trees and the river and stuff, you know?"
"I really, actually don't know."
"Well you should..."
by Takuna June 25, 2009
(phrase) Means practically anything. Similar to the way the Smurfs use "Smurf." Coined by Lisa Giles
Edward: What happened to all of this material? We are missing $10,000 of it!

Lisa: Well... You know?

Edward: You're fired.
by LoLCat! April 20, 2009
telling someone that they know something

1. Said after explaining something. You are telling them they know

2. Said after cracking a joke. You are telling them that they know that it is funny.

3. Said randomly at a random time, just to sound hella gangsta or leet

Said in a sharp low voice at first, and then released out the mouth at a progressively higher pitch (but still maintaining a deep voice). Like this: YOOOUUUU KNOOOWWWW!!!!!
1. Yeah you know that guy in class today? He was all up in my junk! You know!

2. Yeah, Melinda's got a big dick. You know!

3. You know!
by Tokiya April 07, 2008
A sentence enhancer used by inept speakers to infer that we actually "know" what they intend to say. Commonly used in 2 circumstances:
1) Speaker has no clue what he/she is talking about.
2) Speaker is blond or has the last name Kennedy.
C Kennedy: My ass, you know, is as big as Jaylo's, you know.
by Quantum5 December 30, 2008
Is a term that is used to replace words you dont want to say.
Bob: What did Mike and Jenny do?
Fred: They, you know last night in the back of the bus.
by frodo802 March 15, 2009
This can be used when talking to friends about drinking in company that you do not want to hear that you are drinking. e.g. when your at school or with your parents
Yo what will you be doin friday night?
You know.
Oh im in if you'll let me come.
*parent walks by*
Hey man keep it on the down low tho i dont wanna get caught!
by brooks44 January 23, 2007

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