a word deriving from detroit,meaning youve been insulted badly or you dont know what your talking about it can also mean youve said something just plain stupid

you can yous this word when you have a strong disagrrement or you have told a good joke about someone and they have no good comback
man you know i fucked tiana right ... nigga you fried no you didnt


abraham licon was born 1456.... you fried dumby


my air force ones better than your j`s .. bitch you friedd
by Tyler j the king of fried May 04, 2009
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A word deriving from the un-ghetto suburbs of Macomb County, Michigan, where whites make up a majority of the population. You fried means you've been insulted badly, or you don't know what your talking about, it can also mean you've said something just plain stupid. You are also fried if, you say this word every other word

You can use this word when you have a strong disagreement, or you have told a good joke about someone and they have no good comeback. The African American population enjoys using this "slang" language.
Man you know i fucked Dr. Dre Ph.D right ... negro you fried no you didn't.


Jesus was born 2009.... you fried dummy


my air force twos better than your j`s .. "bitch" you fried


Tupac: bitch you fried you fried ass motha fried fucker
Biggie: (in a deep voice) naw nigga you fried for saying fried
by tyrone biggums the 2nd May 18, 2009

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