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someone who is obsessed with youtube and believes everything that happens on it and so is said to be a yoob with too much time on their hands.
Chris is a yoob because he believed that a big mac would stay the same after 18 years after seeing it on youtube. he also has too much time on his hands.
by PeteNearChris July 05, 2007
Cross between a youtuber and a noob.

When someone performs something they've obviously learned only on youtube thus making it embarrassing to those who have seen the specific clip call these people 'Yoobs'.
*A guy is performing the Melbourne Shuffle*

spectator: LOL! How embarassing watching him. Look at that Yoob!
by Chuck1111 October 30, 2007
when a girl between the ages of 0 to 10 is so fat she appears to have boobs. they infact are just lumps of fat, therefore earning the name yoobs = 'young boobs'.
woahh, katie is so fat she has yoobs man! and shes only 9!
by yOuWiiSh-Oox April 07, 2008

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