A native of 1 of the many semi-rural mill towns situated in the Pennine region of northern England. Yonners can be found in a number of counties, namely: Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Derbyshire and in the more upland areas of east Cheshire.
The term 'Yonner' equates with the Scouse term 'Wooley Back'.
TV shows such as: The League Of Gentlemen, The Last Of The Summer Wine, Emmerdale, Where The Heart Is, Heartbeat, and One Man And His Dog, all feature Yonner characters. Even Coronation Street, although set in the more urban City of Salford, features an overwhelmingly Yonner-voiced cast (Deidre Barlow and her mother, Janice Battersby, Fred the butcher, Digby the baker, Sally Webster and Vera Duckworth, to name a few...).
Yonners speak like farmers, wear short sleeved shirts without a coat or a jumper in the middle of winter, drink plenty of Skol lager (like their ancient Viking ancestors), partake in bloodsports, are educationally subnormal, and either shout or mumble when speaking. They are also very adept at peddling bicycles up steep, cobbled streets.
"Go and milk your cows, you fucking Yonner!"
by Mr P. August 20, 2006
Top Definition
Person from Oldham, Lancashire, coming from the expression 'Up yonder' pronounced as 'Up yonner' by people with an Oldham accent..as in 'Where are you from?' 'Up Yonner'
Oi, you bloody Yonner
by Marie August 31, 2003
Someone who currently resides or has lived on or near "th'road" (Haliwell Road) in Bolton.
All th' Yonners having it large on th'road on a Friday night. Matt Billy has been know to participate and could be considered an honoury "Yonner".
by Manc's November 27, 2003
the proper way for any individual to address the judge in the court of law if that individual is on a telivision court show
"Yonner, the bruises were there before i hit 'er."
by russianbear May 04, 2005
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