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In Spanish, heroine addict, junkie
En la calle del Barco paran mogollón de yonkis
In Barco Street there's always loads of junkies
by fonsucu October 03, 2008
8 3
spanish voice, sounds like yonkee, is a man who use any kind of drugs
no example, significance is very clear
by Antonio March 26, 2005
26 11
Yonki (Spanish slang, english pronunciation -> yonkee) is a person who takes drugs, specially the hard ones -heroine or cocaine-. The term yonki is not used to designate cannabis smokers
Tu primo es un puto yonki, no para de meterse coca

Your cousin is a fucking drug-abuser, he doesn't give up sniffing coke
by sikelturko June 16, 2009
8 3