i'm not clear on it's background; look at the others for that. but i can tell you that it can be used infront of a noun, when describing, for example, where you're going to your parents.
parent; Jo, where are you going tonight?
Jo: to yonder manga club.
by mad sam purple'ead January 05, 2005
Top Definition
1.An unspecified distance 2. About that far 3. Only someone from the country knows exactly how far it is "from here to yonder"
Hey, baby, lets jump in the truck and head over yonder.
by The Bozz September 23, 2003
In southern regions, a term to describe an unspecified, unknown, or estimated amount of distance between two different points, usually between one's current position and a spot outside the field of vision. Can also be used when referring to a point of interest that can be visibly seen. Also can be used when referring to the direction in which something or someone is going.
"I'd say tha boy's home is about a quarter a mile yonder through them woods"
"She buried her dog at that tree over yonder"
"The road back ta town runs yonder over them hills"
by prophiseer October 28, 2006
Yonder: Antwhere but here.

Real gone.
Synonym: outare
"He's gone yonder, way outare, real gone."
by Yonder August 24, 2004
An unspecific measurement of distance. Yonder can be 3 feet, as well as 100 feet.
1. Go yonder in the kitchen and bring me a spoon.

2. Look yonder at the sunset.
by Prosa7 March 22, 2008
The distance somewhere between 30 yards and 5 miles.
Jimbo thought he left his handkerchief next to him on the bookshelf, but he soon discovered that it was more likely to be over yonder.
by Dirtyhiggins July 07, 2014
Where ever is pointing at at the time he says this word.
It orta be round over yonder way.
by The shcoshi queen October 19, 2006
interchangable with the word reach, mission, go to, call, eat, grab, .... basically any decent verb
ie. " yonder next jam"
" yonder a muffin quick in my palm"
" yonder at eliza right now her bassist skills are damn sassy"
by nuffgoodwords November 13, 2008
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