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Combination of both yolo and swag attitude with the slight touch of hobitness to it. Commonly used by a geek hipster to show a pragmatic attitude towards something
-Why did you do tequila suicide from a top of a Tolkien book?
-Because, Yolo Swaggins!
by mike2654 September 09, 2013
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A Yoloswaggins is a annoying little twit that continues to use the words "yolo" and "swag" after almost every sentence. Said twit may or may not fuse words together to form a new word. In doing so annoys you, thus is deemed a Yoloswaggins.
Yoloswaggins: Yo man, check out that chicks ass. It's swagtastic.
by Jaggedtooth May 29, 2013
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