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a person he/she who wears snapbacks, acts like a douchebag, loves to take selfies to brag to other people about what they are doing with their lives, takes selfies with duckface, takes selfies shirtless to show off their muscles. douchebags who loves to brag about their lives and act like they are the hottest or best around.
my instagram feed is full of girls taking selfies doing the duck faces, or guys shirtless. these people are such Yolo McSwaggins.
by Maverick36 November 24, 2014
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Yolo mcswaggins is a religion in many dimensions. I am a traveler who is destined to spread my beliefs. If you do not start to worship yolo mcswaggin, you will have to cut your own dick off in boiling bleach. If you do not worship yolo mcswaggin after this mcswaggin punishment, you will have to live the rest of your life with a 10 inch dildo in your ass. Yes, a 10 inch dildo. To avoid all of this, just go to my cave downtown Minneapolis. It will say "free candy" on the side. All true believers are welcome. Have a nice day :)
-Hey dad, did you hear that if you don't believe that in yolo mcswaggin, you will have your dick cut off in boiling bleach?

-Yes son, we better go to that cave in downtown Minneapolis, and worship the yolo mcswaggins gods.
by Yolo mcswaggins Swag May 28, 2014

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