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street term for the drug cocaine also a movement
how much yolla can i get for 150 $
by Team Yolla March 25, 2011
a mobile app that allows you to make cheap calls even to people who don't have a smartphone with 3G.
-Why are you calling someone in Canada?
-I'm speaking French without knowing how!
-Isn't that ridiculous and rather expensive?
-Not with the Yolla app!
by Sky_writer May 02, 2016
yo+holla=yolla a sentence starter jus like hey
cwf23: yolla girl wuts up
andrea: huh..yolla??
cwf23: duhh chik the new sentence starter now days is yolla hey is old skoo that shit is wack
by cwf23 April 06, 2006
combination of YO and holla thus creating yolla, famously used on the mean streets of york
yolla homeboy, word up

yolla acha boy
by hyphy or die November 10, 2008
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