Short for: You On Girl Action
Hey man, I saw you with your girl yesterday, was there any yoga going on?
by 1621148 February 28, 2011
a country near thailand, popular for their arts and goat milk. the people of yoga usual spend most of their time milking their goats, shooting birds(the ENEMY OF THE YOGA) and brushing their hair with forks.
they eat with the back of their forks because the front is used to brush their hair.
rachel-"in yoga the grass is as green as your shirt"

catherine-"but my shirt is white?"

rachel- "exactly."
by yoggish genius July 31, 2009
any exercise that requires very little physical exertion
and some mental exertion. best left for the gay or infirm;
especially popular among trend chasers.
"Wow, touching my toes really aligns by chakras!," said the asshat doing yoga.
by Seudónimo January 31, 2011
That's Yoda, you idiot.
All I got from my Yoga class was a butt.
by yo mama July 20, 2003
slang in my school for weed. pot, cronic, slam, marajuana, grass, happy leaf
hey kid! Wanna Bye some Yoga
by Adam Mitchell September 07, 2005
yoga- code name for haveing sex with someone
hey mom im going over to johns to do some yaga.
by mary August 04, 2004
Commonly used as a gay slang term for the bottom and one of his favorite positions during gay sex with another man. Usually involves the bottom to lay on his back while pulling his ankles up past his ears, exposing himself.
Too explecit for direct example, but all gay men around the world will know what yoga stands for when having sex !
by Dave Auger April 01, 2007
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