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A term used in some circles to express love for a family member or friend. Replaces the phrase, 'I love you'. Most of the circles that use this term are from the south.
Person 1: I just got you a cool t-shirt for your birthday.
Person 2: Yoey! That is so awesome!
by Sylvanius Thayer December 15, 2010
Name given to a perennially pale, long haired ladies' man. Usually a fan of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Always there for a serious chat or a raucous drinking game. Huge karaoke-er. Gangly synthesiser of some of the greatest words of the 21st century. Yoeys have massive sleezilla potential when drunk, and an inability to be photographed without a horrendously unattractive grimace
Guy 1: You shall not pass (screws up face)
Guy2:You are such a Yoey
by John Stringfellow October 16, 2010
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