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a turtlehead more of the oval cylindrical shape color and texture of the popular snack cake protruding from the anus prior to full evacuation of ones colon...especially when " GOTTA GO BAD"
Dude you gotta find a rest room or patch of woods .I got a serious " yodelpokin" thats going to turn into a "ringdingdanglin" in my pants if we dont find one quick
by Ronski January 19, 2010
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a perfect stout almost black fecis mini log (compared to the famous snack cake) slightly protruding from the anxious anus waiting to be unleashed from ones turd tunnel
Jake,find a rest stop,diner with a bathroom ,or a secluded patch of woods... I've got a major YODELPOKIN..!!!
by ronski January 02, 2008
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