1. Stupidest show on earth talking about yo momma.
Man did you see yo momma last night, it was fuckin gay.
by MaNiMfInE May 15, 2006
your mom, insult overused in the common highschool, middleschool, and any such place where kids are found
Kid 1 - What'd we do yesterday?
Kid 2 - Yo momma, it was very good, I strongly recommend it
Kid 3 - *falls over laughing*

(Yes, this is a real example i heard in one of my classes last week)
by Pyrolonewolf February 29, 2008
The root of all crappy jokes
Yo momma
by ankalar October 27, 2002
A lame comeback kids (usually 12-15 years old) use to insult someone
Brandon: Who is that hot woman standing over there?

Zack: Yo momma!

Brandon: LAME!!
by AHHHH!!! June 26, 2011
a really old, yet still pretty funny excuse, for not wanting to talk to anyone.
joe: yo jim, did you see the new movie about...

jim: YO MOMMA!

joe: what the...

jim: YO MOMMA!

joe: dude will you just let me...

jim: YO MOMMA!

joe: douche bag
by dipthongrundown January 18, 2011
a retort that is used alot at my school. it should have died out awhile ago but no.it stood firm. it is usually a shitty retort because the person cant think of a fucking thing.
yo mommas so fat when she stepped on the table it said to be continued!

yo mommas so fat she has more chins then a chinese phone book!

yo mommas so fat when she fell off the bed she fell ouff both sides!!! looks somewhat like this. _I^I_ ( the ^ being the bed. i really suck at shit like that.)
Phillip "Au Bon Pain" says this when he refers to something political.
"Who won the Iowa caucus?"
"Yo momma."
by AU BON PAIN January 01, 2008

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