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A miami graffiti artist who was killed on his birthday in 2009 when he was run down an suv. After his death, local graffiti artists began writing his name all over south florida in his honor. To this day, people still continue to rep his name and to paint the famous ynot "y" in his commemoration. You cant walk down a south florida street with out seeing at least one ynot or "rip ynotse" tag. sometimes you might see up to ten or 20 tags commemorating ynot on one street. YNOT's crews were MSG BUK50 and 28.
cat1: "Yo, did you see that ynotse piece___ threw up at the marine stadium? Shit burns".
Cat2: "Oh yeah man I saw a flick. Rip king ynotse."
by destruction of broward October 07, 2013
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The alternate personality of a man named Tony. Ynot is a sweet yet timid creature that only appears when summoned by his mistress. He makes sweet animal like sounds and is cuddley like a warm blanket.
1. I wish Ynot was here.

2. Me: can ynot come out to play?
Bay: no.

Me: softly whispers "ynot ynot ynot"...
Ynot: Ooooooooh I luv u.
by Roxbear October 07, 2016
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