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the name "emily" backwards
hi ylime. youre cool.
by lime October 25, 2003
Ylime Is a strange being with antenas and a sexy unibrow. Shes quite fiesty and gets mad at brad everyday. She enjoys woo hoo on the deck after a big bowl of spaghetti. :P
Ylime: "<3"
Bradizzle: "<3!!!!"
Ylime: "WHAPSH!"
by Bradizzle January 10, 2005
A sell out
ylime is a sell out
by George_The_Fisherman June 05, 2004
A person deveoted to Deron
See above
by jess February 05, 2003
an unhealthy obsession with someone who is not interested or dont have a chance with
I_ate_Chad has a ylime with Deron Miller
by Anonymous February 05, 2003