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A slang term originally used by cattle herding cowboys to get their cattle to move faster. Elongated form of the the word yippee, which is used when a person is exuberantly happy about something. Has been used in numerous songs including Country Western, Hip Hop, and even Frank Sinatra used the term in a song. The term was made ultra-popular by actor Bruce Willis, who has used the term in each of his Die Hard film roles. In fact "yippeekyay mother fucker" has become his catch-phrase. Although we come across numerous different spellings of the word, we all understand it's meaning when we hear it.
Hans Gruber's reference to John McClane as a "cowboy" in Die Hard instigated McClane to use the phrase "yippeekyay motherfucker!" In other words "Yee- ha, let's get it on asshole."
by yippeekyay/yipeekyay December 05, 2011
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