It's a noun, which is used to identify that of any small dog, or puppy. It can also be a verb, which is the sounds they make as well.
Yip-Yip: *Bark!!! Ararargh!!! Bark!!!*

Manny: Damn, I'm sick of all these damn yip-yips makin' all that noise! It just keeps yippin' and yippin' as I'm doing work. My neighbor need to control them yips!
by Mr. Ice Cream Man March 01, 2015
What Aang says to appa in "avatar the last airbender" the animated series. popularized by John Erickson to mean "yup, yea,yes, or ok" as just a cooler and more fun way to agree with someone.
Suzie: hey John are you going to school on Monday?

John E: yip yip.

Suzie: kk c'ya there.
by Softdeath_SR August 30, 2011
A word use to 'leave' or 'exit' a scene or a place. Also means 'let's go' referenced after the TV show 'Avatar', Ang used this word to tell his bison to depart on their journey.
"Alright yip yip its time to go to the gym!
by Don Demarco...Bang Bang May 10, 2016
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