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a different dialect of english that is spoken with a very heavy chinese accent, specifically, by math nerds at PInetree secondary. These people pronounce english as yingrish since in chinese, the pinyin for the word english is ying wen.

As a result, native yingrish speakers cannot differentiate the difference between sit and shit, and the words see and she
math-mash (not to make fun the tv show mash)
this-zhis/JIZZ (not to make fun of guys that have functional penises and are fertile) For those who shoot blanks, well..... sucks to be you
I-Kai (not to make fun of anyone named Kai)
sydney-shit knee (not to make fun of the city sydney and its wonderful citizens, or people with shitty knees)
by zhisyingrishishshohard July 07, 2013
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