When a interracial couple, (black person white person) engage in the sexual act of the 69, so that from a far it looks like a ying yang symbol.
When Dante and Shirley had sex last night, i felt as if i was witnessing a ying yang
by Rich Driscoll September 07, 2006
A ying-yang is a circular symbol split in half so that each half looks like a sideways tear-drop. The two sides are labeled Ying and Yang. Ying is white with a circle of black in the bulb of its tear and has the point of the tear up. Yang is black with a circle of white in the bulb of its tear, its point is down.
A ying-yang symbolizes the belief that there is two sides to everything. The light without dark, no day without night, happiness without sadness, good without bad, ect..
It also shows that nothing is purely good or bad or so on and so forth. The two pieces on their own are half, together they are whole, and balanced. the Ying side represents good/light/day ( pretty much anything positive) and Yang is pretty much anything negative. Ying, in a ying-yang, is always on the left side.
The twins act just like a ying-yang, one is always causing trouble, and the other is always so nice a sweet.
by Nina April 20, 2005
When two people lay on a horizontal surface on their side and fist each other at the same time.
How's your sphincter felling tonight, because I'm kind of in the mood for a good ying yang.
by deeznuts2475 March 20, 2012
Talking trash with the goal of gaining favor; making improbable statements. Silly rapping to a woman. Telling white lies; bragging, boasting.
That brother talked so much "ying yang" he wore me out.
I can't believe all the ying yang that came out of her mouth.
by Uglore the Magnificent July 10, 2008
also used in east london's cockney rhyming slang, in this instance ying yang rhymes with chang - another slang term for cocaine.
do you want any more ying yang im on my way to get some now
by city-boy June 04, 2007
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