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The opposite of no life. One who plays real life excessively, to the point of addiction. A yeslife often pays little or no attention to other games.
example 1
WoW player 1>>Where's Jim?
WoW player 2>>He's quitting, doesn't have time to play.
WoW player 1>>Wtf, that yeslife.
WoW player 2>>Yeah...

example 2
Yeslife>>I could beat you to shit if I wanted to.
Nolife>>Lol, I wanna see you do that in WoW.
Nolife>>World of Warcraft you fucking yeslife.
by cookiemuncher12 December 19, 2009
When your life is so thrilling and great that you have to comment on it.
Guy 1: 'We are the only guys in our year that are still virgins.'
Guy 2: 'Yes life.'
by giraffe3000 May 22, 2011

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